Munich Restaurant Reviews/Recommendations

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We don't eat at many fancy restaurants, as a matter of fact, outside of our anniversary we keep it pretty simple.  Most of the places we eat will serve dishes between 7 and 15e.  Drinks will run you between 2-4e for soda/juice or water.  And yes, you have to pay for water in Europe.  You can ask for "leitungswasser" pronounced lie-tungs-vassa (tap water) which is free, but I've had servers refuse to give it to me.  They seem to be more willing if we've ordered at least one drink.

Munich has no shortage of restaurants, coffee shops and side walk cafes so don't be surprised if my list doesn't include Trip Advisors's top ten.  Not to mention the fact that taste is subjective, what I find delicious may not be your cup of tea.  So, take my reviews with a grain of salt and happy eating!
*Denotes a restaurant recommendation from a BIS parent which I have not been to.  

1. Burger House
Loved it!  If you have a hankering for a good old fashioned hamburger the Burger House makes a good one.  Fresh ground meat, cheese that tastes like what you expect cheese to taste like and a toasted bun that doesn't get soggy.
Franziskanerstraße 15, 81669 Munich, Germany  89 88903550

1. Dallmayr
I like to call this the Nieman Marcus of grocery stores.  They sell gourmet coffee, beautiful cakes and pastries, top of the line meats, fresh pasta, delicious breads, and they have a very expensive cafe.  My mother and sister in law spent about $100 on lunch.  They didn't think they had ordered much, but after wine, lunch, dessert, coffee and tip, it all adds up.
Close to Marianplatz, Dienerstr. 14-15, Munich
The Hofbrauhaus is worth at least one visit if nothing else than to eat in a place steeped in history.  American's might be thrown off a bit by the picnic style seating, but it really is acceptable to sit down with another group if there is room at the table.  The food is typical German, the atmosphere is loud and even livelier when the band is playing.  If going at night, I'd recommend calling ahead for reservations. They offer menu's in English.
Platzl 9 Munich 80331 Phone: 089 221-676

3.  Ratskeller
The Ratskeller is literally in the basement of the Rathaus, the main attraction on Marienplatz.  We ended up eating here last Christmas because it was the only restaurant that could accommodate our large group last minute.  The restaurant is huge, it must run the entire length of the Rathaus.  The ceilings are low and coved which makes for interesting acoustics.  While I could hear the man three tables over clearly, I had to lean in towards those at my table. I thought the food was on the expensive side and not noteworthy however, our out of town guests thought it was good.   The service was good, but slow.  They do have a children's play corner which helped pass the time for my daughter while we waited for our food. Reservations recommended.
Marienplatz 8 80331 Phone: 089 21 99 890

1. Restaurant Soloniki*
Alte Kreisstrasse 26 85778 Haimhausen
8133 996512

1. Freebird*
Nordendstr. 12 80799 Munich
(089) 2737 4520

Georgenstr. 48 80799 Munich 
(089) 44 42 95 55

1.  Berni's Nudelbrett--We've eaten here twice.  First time, my husband came away saying they had the best pizza in Munich.  On our second trip I came away thinking good, but not fantastic.  The location is really convenient if you are downtown, it is around the corner from Marienplatz.  If you are seated upstairs near a window you have views of the church across the way.
Petersplatz 8 Munich 80331 Phone: 089 246649

2.  Era Ora*
Kaiserstr. 65 80801 Munich
(089)331 430

3.  L'Osteria--I've eaten at the Munich location twice.  The first time I loved it, the food was delicious, bread fresh and service good.  When I returned with my husband the service was so bad my husband refuses to ever return.  As our main dishes were being served we mentioned that our appetizers hadn't come out.  The waitress complained about the kitchen staff and asked if we still wanted them. We said yes, but they never came out, they were however on our bill.  Our bill was righted in the end, but the extra hassle and waiting was frustrating.  This location is incidentally one place they will not serve tap water.

I still recommend L'Osteria because the food is good.  The pizza is huge, definitely sharable.  The bread is baked fresh every day and for 6e you can buy a loaf to take home.  My favorite pasta dish is the Panzerotti Spinaci and the Mixed Starters Antipasti is very good.
Leopoldstraße 28 A, 80802 Munich, Germany   Phone: 089 3888-9711

3.  Vapiano--Different concept, you stand in line and watch while your food is cooked right in front of you. Food is fresh and very good, but if you are standing in the pasta line on a Friday night, you may very likely wait there 30 minutes while those ahead of you are serviced.  Best bet on a busy night, order pizza.  No standing required once you've placed your order. They give you a beeper which goes off when your food is ready.  Pizza's are sharable, especially if you have kids.  We love the salad and bread as well. 4 locations around the city.  We've found Bogenhausen and Hackerbruke to be the least busy.
Hackerbrucke 4 80335 Munich 089 92 00 89 98

Richard-Strauss-Str. 80-82 81679 Munich Phone: 089 92 00 89 98

1. Campor*
Warthestr. 5 81927 Munich
(089) 993 177 64

Love this small cafe.  It is the closest thing to California Mexican we've found in Munich.  Super convenient location next to Hauptbahnhof.  I am partial to the nachos, my kids always get chicken quesadillas and my husband is a fan of the burrito.
Bahnhofplatz 5 80335 Munich  Phone: 089 55 05 9393
Mo-Sa 11am-10pm
U-bahn exit: Luisenstrasse/Dachauerstrasse

2. Tacos y Tequila*
Herzogstrasse 93 80796 Munich
(089) 3065 7700

We've eaten here twice and have been pleased with the service, menu, and atmosphere.  Both times we ordered the "Menu" not really knowing exactly what was being served, but we were not disappointed.  The food was delicious and left me wishing I could eat like this every time we go out. The restaurant is at the top of the Olympic Needle, so you do have to pay the elevator fee, however if it is your birthday bring your passport along and the ride is free.  The first time we ate at Restaurant 181 it was storming and we were literally sitting just under the clouds, so we had a great view of the storm taking place around us.  The needle turns so don't worry if your table is on the north side, eventually you will see all of Munich and the surrounding areas.  Reservations required.  
Spiridon-Louis-Ring 780809 Munich  Phone: 89350948181

1. Anh-Thu*
Kurfurstenstr. 31 80801 Munich
(089) 2737 4117