A Bee In My Bonnet

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Today I decided to jog in the village where the girls go to school. It reminds me of Kentucky in that the area is made up of farm land with green wide open spaces. I parked the car at the school and started down the path. The dirt path meandered through the forest eventually taking me to a river. I followed that for almost the entire run.
At some point I turned onto a lonely dirt road. I had to tinkle, so I jogged until I found an appropriately secluded spot--a large tree with a bush next to it. So, I step five feet off the road and drop my drawers. As I am concentrating on not peeing on myself I hear a buzzing sound just over my shoulder. I turn my head and right at eye level I see a beehive with bees swarming in and out of the hole. You can imagine what I said out loud. These are not like honey bees either--they are not as fat as an American Bumble Bee, but equally as long, hairy and much scarier looking (probably because of my close proximity).
So, I am thinking to myself, I've got to get out of here before I get stung. Just then I feel something on my buttocks. Now I'm really panicking because if it is a bee I don't to pull up my pants because it will sting me for sure. So, I take a few steps toward the road "ewok" style then sort of leap onto the road pulling my pants up simultaneously. I laugh now thinking what I must have looked like. Once on the road my left butt cheek starts to itch--so I cautiously go exploring. Thankfully, no bee, but why was my rear end itching. I glance back to see if I squatted on poison ivy. Truthfully, I don't even know what it looks like, so it really didn't matter.
In the end, my rear only itched for about 10 minutes so it may all have been a nervous overreaction.
I searched the internet for a photo of my bees, but this was the best I could do. My bees weren't in a mud hive they burrowed in the hollow of the tree. Maybe I'll go back to take a picture...with a long distance lens.