A Weekend Walk In Andechs

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The small town of Andechs is well known for it's Abbey and brewery, but I went down for a hike through the peaceful woods.  We stopped at a small cheese store in the middle of the forest where local monks make goat cheese. Naturally, we ended up at the Abby for lunch where I tried the pork knuckle for the first time.  It reminds me of something out of a medieval movie; gnawing on a piece of meat with my bare hands, but really, it was tasty!

The Details
Address: Bergstrasse 2, 82346 Andechs, Germany

 Every town/village has a May pole decorated in the traditional Bavarian colors of blue and white. You have to remember, these people are Bavarian's first, German's second. The pole shows the trades or businesses one can find in town. On this pole there is an organ pipe maker...that is one you don't see every day. The onion shaped dome ontop of the church represents a candle flame...you know the analogy; Christ is a light unto the world.
Here is a cool story...this cross is standing in a field. It was erected by a man who murdered someone and in acknowledging his guilt and in asking for the forgiveness of the towns people he put up this cross as evidence of his penitence.

You can see the area is absolutely beautiful.  We didn't follow a guided trail, we simply parked our car and walked out of the village into the woods.  There are walking paths so you won't get lost.  

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