Willy Wonka

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Recently we were watching the original Willy Wonka when Bob noticed the licence plates on the cars and said, "I think this was filmed in Munich." We turned to the trusty internet and sure enough, it was filmed in Munich. Of course, then we had to find out just where exactly. We haven't found all the locations, but the factory scenes were filmed not more than two miles from the hotel we called home for a month.

The Details
Address: Emmy-Noether-Str. 10
Transportation:  U1 Westfriedhof stop, 2 minute walk from the cemetery



Here is the famous gate entrance to Willy's factory. The Munich Gaswerks smoke stacks used to stand right where that tall office building now is. In the film, behind the smoke stacks you could see a clock tower. I had to go around the corner to snap the photo of the clock tower.

How cool is that. We are determined to find the other locations, like the candy shop and the school yard and when we do I'll be sure to post them.


  1. Thank you for your photos

  2. The Location of Bill's Candy Shop and where Charlie finds the last Golden Ticket is located at Lilienstrasse in Munich and Charlie Bucket's House is on Quellenstrasse.