Rothenburg ob der Tauber

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Rothenburg, pronounced ROE ten berg, represent all that is quintessentially German. It is a great little city about 2.5 hours north of Munich complete with a medieval wall, torture museum and a Christmas lovers delight.

It has a mean history though. The Nazis hailed it as the ideal German city. They scheduled day trips to this town and in October 1938 Rothenburg expelled its Jewish citizens, much to the approval of Nazis and their supporters across Germany.  Lame history aside, we had a great time. We’ve been twice…we discovered it last month on our way home from Frankfurt. It was raining and late in the day, so I vowed to come back with my kids during fall break.

The Details
Location: about 2:15min northwest of Munich
Parking: They discourage driving within the city walls.  Park at any number of parking lots just outside the walls and walk in.  Be sure to pay the park meter.
Time:  I'd give the city a day.  Walk around the wall, go to the Criminal museum, visit the Christmas stores and enjoy the exploring.  It is a fun little town!
Museum:  There are a few, we only went to one.
                  Kriminal Museum
                  Burggasse 3-5
                  D-91541 Rothenburg
                  +49 98 61 53 59
Cost: 5e adults, 3e children, under 6 free, family pass 13e
Hours: Hours vary, see website

Entrance to the city
Schneballen--deep fried pastry dough dipped in delicious toppings. They must be the dessert mascot for the city because they are sold in every pastry shop.  They aren't great, but you should try at least one.  
Medieval well

Rothenburg translated means red fortress above the Tauber (river).

Butcher shop

Love the doors!

You can walk the wall around the entire city.  It's just over a 1.5mile, it it's covered, and it affords some really good views.  Plus, it's covered.  If the event of rain you can continue sightseeing while keeping dry.  

The Criminal Museum was a hit with the girls.  There were a few scary looking methods of torture and a few items that I didn't feel like explaining to my 6 year old, but the shame masks were fantastic.  We all chuckled a bit at the thought of having to wear one.  This shame mask was worn by gossipy women--it represents the woman who sees all, hears all and tells all. I am sure I would have been put in that thing a time or two. The bell on top rings as she walks about town bringing attention to herself.

St. Jacob's Church

Another view of the wall

Town clock. On the hour the windows open and the man raises his mug of beer to his mouth.

We went inside the biggest Christmas store I've ever seen complete with a Christmas tree that had to have been two stories tall. Unfortunately, they didn't allow photographs inside. Kathe Wohlfahrt's stores have everything your Christmas heart could desire and more.  I have left more than a few euros behind there.
Käthe Wohlfahrt's - "Christmas market" Herrengasse 2 91541 Rothenburg