Not Your Typical Sledding

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Okay, this was a seriously good time and I am pretty sure it would never be allowed in the United States unless you signed your life away.  We went to the Wallerbergbahn just about an hour south of Munich.  The road to the top of the mountain is covered in snow, so you take a tram to the top, then sled down the road to the bottom. It is steep, curvy, at times scary, fast and FUN! Your only means for stopping are your two feet which even when dragged the whole time, do not stop you from accelerating.

The Details
Address: Wallbergstr. 26 83700 Rottach-Egern, Germany +49 08022 705370
Hours: 8:45am-4:30pm
Cost: 24.50e family pass, 1 ascent, 5e sled rental

These are simple sleds, there is nothing high tech about these things.

Bob took Eden down on our first decent, he was cautious, slow and nervous. I took her down second and being not so cautious or slow, we crashed about 60 seconds into our ride. Worse yet, a sledder behind us ran over Eden. Bob, still slow and cautious in the rear watched the whole thing take place. I jumped up completely expecting blood from the blow Eden took by the other sledder, but her snow suit covered her well and other than being scared, she was fine.

Finally, here come Eden and I. We feel so confident, we wave to our camera man. This really is a fun activity, but you must use caution!  Half way down the mountain there is a small cafe where you can stop for hot chocolate and a bite to eat.  Sled rental is in addition to the lift ticket, or you can also bring your own. 

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