Asclepieion in Bergama

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This site is called the Asclepieion it is in Bergama and was dedicated to the god of healing. Those with health problems would come here to bathe in the sacred waters and springs. Priests at the Asclepieion would make a diagnosis by interpreting the dreams of the sick then prescribe a treatment. Try that today with your local doc and see how far it gets ya! Think of this place more like a modern day spa where you go to relax, read, get massaged and eat healthy things.

This is the sacred way leading to the sanctuary.

This man was selling roasted pine nuts. After watching him hammer out each individual nut from its shell, I now know why pine nuts are so expensive.

I like this photo because you can see the different types of marble used in the columns lining the street.
No "retreat" would be complete with out a stadium.

This is actually a very large bath house. The photo doesn't do justice to its size. There were rooms with varying degress of water.

Behind the bath house was a large dry river bed. It was a GREAT place for sherd hunting. I found an amphora (jar) broken in half with one handle in tack. Since it is against the law to take "artifacts" Bob made me put it back which I did very begrudgingly.

You know, all these sites are in need of funding. I have a great idea. Let people pay for a spot of earth to dig in. Every ancient city had a trash dump, typically just outside the city walls. The stuff that made it out there is broken; it's trash. Why not let tourists (who would be thrilled with a broken half of a pot) pay to dig a little. Museums are over run with broken junk that will never go on display and there is no shortage of broken pottery. I say, let us dig!
This photo captures the many drainage pipes coming out of the side of this building. The Romans had a very complex system of plumbing. Hot, cold and warm water were pumped into the bath complexes and even into wealthy homes.