Blue Mosque

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The Blue Mosque, which sits next door to the Hagia Sophia, was built between 1603-1617 by the ruling Ottomans. To their credit, when they conquered Constantinople they did not tear down the 1000 year old Hagia Sophia, but impressed with it's beauty, sought to build their own house of worship in similar style. The building has 6 minarets and tens of thousands of blue tiles decorate the interior.

The Details
AddressSultan Ahmet Mh., Torun Sk No:19, 34400 Istanbul
Cost: Free
Hours: open all day, but closed during prayer time which happens 5 times a day
Tip: You will be asked to remove your shoes and women are encouraged to cover their hair. 

You may ask yourself, how many pictures can one person take of the same building...well, let me tell you. There is absolutely nothing inside the Blue Mosque. It is a house of worship, Muslims come inside to pray here 5 times a day and they kneel on the floor, so there aren't any pews, and there isn't any art, except for the blue tiles and domed ceilings. The tiles are pretty, don't get me wrong, but the lighting wasn't very good and the tiles are high. So, I got a shot of the exterior from about every possible vantage.
From the sea

At the end of the day
Just as we made it to the mosque it was prayer time so they shuttled us off to a room to hear a lecture on Islam. At the end they opened it up for questions. Eden raised her hand and asked why they called the people to prayer. The whole room turned and looked at her as if she was the next Dali Lama. The conductor said, "that's a great question" and afterward several men came over to us to inquire if this was our erudite daughter. Turks LOVE to touch fair skinned, blue eyed children and they fawned over Eden. They gave her this bouquet of flowers. I have to give her credit... at least she was paying attention.
main dome