The Grand Bazaar

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This place is shopping paradise! It is huge with a large variety of stuff to choose from. Purses, clothing, pipes, carpets, beads, jewelry, trinkets and trash it's all there. If you are willing to bargain shop, you just might come out with a few treasures! We had a fun time at the Bazaar.
The Details
AddressKadı Mehmet Mh., 34440 Beyoğlu/Istanbul 
Tip:  Haggle, haggle, haggle, they expect it.
EVERY Turk drinks Cay (tea) and it is apart of every rug shopping experience. When I declined the tea, they brought out apple cider--and it was delish!

I bought 3 hand embroidered pillow cases. The design I chose is called Noah's Ark. Not sure if they even "go" with my house, but I liked them. I was given a pillow case for my 10 birthday when we lived in Turkey. I've kept it all these years and the colors are still as bright as ever. It now sits on the chair in Eliza's room.

The Evil Eye keeps away evil spirits or the All Seeing Eye sees our actions. You can choose which story you like... I bought a magnetic one for the kitchen and another to hang on the Christmas tree.