Cape of Good Hope

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I found a slew of posts in my drafts folder that I never finished and completely forgot about. I am back dating them to the proper year, since in some cases, it has been a really long time! The Africa posts will all be out of order since at this point, I just want a record that we visited this place clear back in 2012. 
We didn't have much time at the Cape, it is a huge National Park, so we quickly walked out to the major points, snapped photos then jumped back into the car to make it back to the entrance before closing.  They charge you a $5 for every 5 minutes you are late.  So, with only two hours we did our best.

 The lighting was perfect for photographs.  Everything has a lovely glow.

 One of the amazing things about the Cape is that there are baboons and ostriches freely roaming the area.  There are signs posted everywhere warning you to not feed the animals, keep your windows rolled up and to stay in the car.

Ironically, as this family of baboons started to pass us I rolled down my window to photograph them.  As I was doing such, Eliza said, "oh look, there's one in front of the car."  I leaned out again to see him and THERE HE WAS right at my door!  He jumped up and grabbed hold of the side mirror for a second before letting go and scampering off.  Needless to say, he scared the banana's out of me!  What if he had jumped through the window?  Now I appreciate the wisdom in keeping your windows rolled up.

After that situation I was having a hard time getting a good photograph of the ostriches.  Bob said, "just get out of the car, they are harmless."  I told him, "!  Those things can run and kick!  I am staying in the safety of our vehicle."
 Who knew that ostriches hang out on the beach.
This is the Cape lighthouse.  Unfortunately, it was built to high up to be of any value, so they had to build another one lower on the slope.  
 This light house was actually useful to ships out at sea.  The seas immediately around the Cape are full of rocks--even 1/4 mile out there are rock outcrops.

And just for good measure, if you weren't sure where we were, here's another photo of us!