Table Mountain

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 Table Mountain is the landmark everyone uses in Cape Town.  It is this great formation jutting from earth with a flat top.  The photo above is Lion's Head.  You can hike him too, but Bob wanted to take us up to Table Top where if the weather is right you get fantastic views of Cape Town.
 You can hike to the top, but it is a really long hike, much longer than the girls had energy for, so we rode the tram instead.
 Look at this fantastic view of Camps Bay, that was our beach for a few glorious days.
 Unfortunately, the Cape Town side of the mountain had poor or no visibility!  It is cool though to see how clouds blow across the mountain top.
Poor Eliza began chasing Eden and tripped banging up her knees pretty bad.  We hated admitting to the First Aid attendant that Eliza had been running.  They were nice enough though and bandaged her right up.
 Love this beautiful succulent.