Barcelona with Leslie

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 I loved being in Barcelona with my sister, Leslie, this was our first ever girl-only trip.  When she told me she was coming to Munich I told her, "let's go somewhere for a weekend, outside of Germany."  Her first choice was London, but I'd been there just recently with my girls.  Her next suggestion was Spain.  I said, "great!" and began to plan the trip.

One thing that makes Barcelona so nice is that the city poured a bunch of money into it's infrastructure to prepare for the Olympics in 1992.  The city had good public transportation, plenty of good restaurants, shopping, pedestrian zones, and some really good art and architecture.  Both of us owwed and awwed over the wrought iron work, doors and window balconies.

We ate tapas, took a double decker bus tour, visited Gaudi's homes, park and cathedral, shopped the Las Ramblas, ate ice cream every day and drank enough diet coke to keep our sore feet moving.  We even had a fish pedicure; that was a quirky experience.  We put our feet into this cage of fish and for 10 minutes they went to town eating the dead skin off our feet.  It wasn't  a miracle cure, but for 5e, it was a relaxing enough.

We stayed in Plaza de Espanya which was just far enough off the tourist trail, to give us a different flavor of the city.  The building in the top right corner below houses the art museum.  At night, on weekends the building and surrounding water fountains light up.  It was a beautiful sight, unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it.