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This area of Germany is remote, beautiful and made famous by Hitler's Eagle's Nest a top a near by mountain.  Those in search of World War II sites come to see what was once Hitler's vacation home.  We came to hike the mountains and enjoy the gorgeous views.  The lake is prided for being one of Germany's cleanest.

The Details
Location:  About 2.5 hours south of Munich
Tip: There are a couple of ways of getting to Konigsee.  If you stay on the freeway you will pass through Austria and will need to buy a vignette.  Or you can get off the freeway just before crossing the border and take back roads.  We've driven both ways.  The back roads take a little longer, but they are scenic and save you a couple bucks.

Getting to Konigsee is pretty easy to navigate--If following your GPS, you will be directed to a parking lot. Pay the park meter 4e for the day and head towards the lake.  You can't miss it as there is a pedestrian walkway lined with restaurants and shops that dead end at the lake.
For 34e we boarded an electric boat heading for the chapel of St. Bartholomew at the opposite end of the lake.  The boat tour is only offered in German, but we understood the essentials: the lake is deep, the water is cold and the acoustics are awesome. To prove it, the guide pulled out a trumpet, sounded a few notes then sat back for the echo.  I will admit it was impressive.
The 35 minute ride takes you past this waterfall.  You can actually hike up to the middle point where there is a ledge that is popular with sun bathers.

The boat makes two stops; here at St. Bartholomew's and then further down at the southern end of the lake.  We got off at St. Bartholomew's and followed one of the shorter hiking paths. There is a restaurant that serves fresh fish caught in the lake and a gift shop where you can buy trail maps and souvenirs, but NO sunscreen as we found out the hard way.

As we walked south along the lake edge we came upon nude sunbathers and this glacier river.  The water is so clear you can barley make it out.  Bob and the girls refilled their water bottles in this stream and luckily enough no one got sick.
Konigsee is an easy day trip from Munich.  There are family friendly hikes and routes more difficult for those with more time and energy.  Bring your sunscreen because the sun is strong!

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