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I have been to Rothenburg 4 times now, you can read more here.  It is such a sweet Medieval town I want all my guests to see it, but I will admit, I've had my fill, I am not going again.  One of my neighbors can't stand this town because she says it is only for tourists.  That may be true; it is filled with restaurants and shops, but it is also incredibly charming with it's medieval architecture, bowing walls and beautiful gardens.  I have a favorite Christmas store where I've received the best customer service and friendly, chatty workers. If you are ever in Rothenburg stop at  Der Kleine Weihnachtsladen at Untere Schmiedgasse 19.  If you're lucky, the blond, short haired woman will be working.  She speaks great English and is as friendly as can be.

On this trip, my sister and I rented head sets from Tourist Information and followed the guided walk through town.  I've found these guides to be hit or miss.  Sometimes they are helpful and other times, not so much.  We actually enjoyed the Rothenburg tour and discovered new parts of the city I hadn't been to before.  

The Details
Cost: 6e
Time: 2 hours