Gosau, Austria

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As we left Hallstatt we passed the village of Gosau, we will be hiking in those mountains tomorrow, but  I had to pull over to snap this photo, what an incredible view!  I feel like bursting into the song Von Trapp family style when I see views like this!

As I mentioned back here, we couldn't afford to stay at the lake side hotel in Hallstatt; we chose instead to stay at a youth camp hostel.  As far as accommodations go, I am not a big fan of the hostel, but it was perfect for the children!  The property had trampolines, a rock climbing wall, badminton, the pond, a computer room and all of it came with the price of the room---The girls were in heaven and entertained themselves for the bulk of the day.

The Details
AddressHallseiten 14, 5441 Abtenau, Austria
Cost: 99e including breakfast
Tip:  Bring towels, toiletries and flip flops to wear in the shower.
The water in this pond is constantly being refreshed.  As it escapes at one end it is being replenished from above, so while the water is fresh, clean and clear it is FREEZING cold.  I took fiendish delight in watching the girls come up for air after hitting the water.
 Another crystal clear river.

 No one has gotten sick yet from drinking the water yet.
Once we checked out of the youth hostel we headed for Gosau Lake.  You can't miss it as the road practically dead ends at a parking lot.  Once you park it's a 3 minute walk to the lake.  There is an easy, flat family walking trail around the lake, doesn't take longer than about an hour to get around.  And yes, there is a restaurant and ice cream stand where you can reward yourself with something good to eat.

 This was really cool.  When you put your ear to the megaphone it sounded like water hitting a tin roof.
 It is a Neal tradition to do pushups and dips when you pass a bench.  High 5 to the little girls!

 I thought this was a funny sign in front of the restaurant.