Village of Hallstatt

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Germany and Austria are known for quaint villages and Hallstatt doesn't disappoint! Nestled snug between the mountain and lake you can't help but take a picture that will be the envy of your friends.

 There are water fountains all over the area flowing with spring mountain water available for drinking.
Another mom whose husband was also traveling joined us for our short adventure.  Since we couldn't afford to stay at the hotel on the lake we ate dinner instead.  I asked for a recommendation from a local shop owner and he pointed to Gasthof Simony.

The Details

Address: Wolfengasse 105  4830 Hallstatt, Austria  06134 8231

Obviously, we didn't make a reservation a head of time, but we had no problem getting a table. We arrived a bit early for the normal dinner crowd which served us well because by the time we left the patio was full of diners.  The restaurant features Austrian cuisine, which thankfully included chicken strips for the children.   I opted for the fresh caught lake trout. 

I am never quite sure what to do when I am presented with a "whole" fish. In the end, he was easy enough to eat.  The skeleton came out almost in one piece,  the meat pulled away from the skin beautifully and I gave the head to a passing cat.  It was a lovely meal in a setting I never dreamt I'd would encounter.  Motor boats are not allowed on the lake so everything is peaceful.
After dinner we finished our day with stroll through town.
This tree was actually growing full sized pears.  As I got closer to inspect the tree the woman in the top  window started yelling at me to not pick her fruit.  Funny thing was the closest fruit was at least a foot out of my reach--as if I'd steal her fruit.  Crankenstein!

Tree guardian aside, Hallstatt is a lovely little town worth a day trip or weekend if you've got the time.  We only visited the village and salt mines, but there is also plenty of hiking to be done in the area.