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My camera broke the last day of our vacation, so I was left with Eliza's i-touch for taking photos.  Why do everyone's i-phone photos look so good and mine look terrible?  Forgive the quality, it's not the best.  The photo below and the last one aren't mine, I swiped them off the internet to give you a better view of the castle from below.  
Arco is about 15 minutes north of Riva so we hit the castle Sunday morning before heading home.  Mom and Eden decided to stay down in town and we dragged Eliza up the mountain for some morning exercise.  You'll note how thrilled she was.  Have I mentioned I don't really give my children a lot of choice when it comes to participation.  They don't get to choose our vacation destinations and I rarely care if they say, "no, we don't want to do that."  I've found the promise of ice cream will get you really far during vacation.
You have to park your car just outside the city center, but the short walk in is charming.  There are randomly placed signs like this one below pointing the direction through the narrow, winding streets.  The time is helpful especially when you have children who keep asking, "how much farther?"
The Details
Address: Via Castello 10, 38062 Arco Trentino Italy
Hours: 10am-7pm April-September
Time: 2 hours including hike up and back down.
Cost: 5e adults, 3e children

The entire time you are walking you are passing homes, terraced gardens and vineyards built into the hillside.  I love how the broom was hidden in the crack of the tree.

 What a handsome king I have.
 Our princess isn't too pleased to be posing for another photograph.
 And this is the wicked Queen mother.
 This is a rendering of what the castle looked like a gazillion years ago.

View from the backside of the mountain. We sat and watched in awe as climbers maneuvered the cliff face.  This is one sport I'd really like to try.  I am not remotely interested in joining Bob on his cold mountain slogs, but this, rock climbing sounds cool to me.
 Eliza drank from a 500 year old spring--though I am pretty sure it was a 2012 water purification system in place.

 Okay, I had to take a picture of this door because it literally was a door to nowhere.  Perhaps that is why a vine has grown over it. Perhaps years ago it lead to someone's terrace garden.
 Back down in town people filed out of this church after morning mass.

We ate here, Cantina Marchetti-This 500 year old building was the home of somebody important a long time ago.  I have to say, I wish we would have read the Trip Advisor reviews beforehand--the food was very mediocre and the service was poor, the atmosphere was good though.  I liked the vaulted ceilings, massive doors and fireplace.   

 We polished off our appetites with delicious gelato from here, you won't be sorry it you do too.