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The girls had two days off of school which meant 4 DAY WEEKEND, so we loaded up the car and headed south for Lake Garda.  Along the way we stopped in Bolzano, a little town about three hours south of Munich.  I love Bolzano because it is right in the middle of the Dolomites so the scenery is just fantastic.  We took my mother to see Otzi, the Ice Man, whose fantastic museum you can read about here.
We ate lunch in the market place underneath this fountain and bought local sun dried tomatoes and spices from the outdoor market.  

I think this may just end up being our Christmas photo--How perfect that the flowers are in bloom, the mountains are green in the back ground, we've got a church to the right and a fountain directly behind us.  I love it when random snap shots turn out nicely.
You know we had to tour the town church--I am trying to get more creative with my pictures though. 

I thought this confessional with the 10 commandments on the front door was just so appropriate.  We tend to light a candle whenever Eden is with us.  She loves doing it and it's a nice tradition to think of someone in need.