Castel Penede

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Once we were tired of the lake I convinced Bob to take us for a ride--He wasn't very happy about it, but he came along as I pointed for him to turn here there and everywhere.  We found our way to a trail that led to a ruined castle, but eventually had to park the car and walk in the rest of the way on foot.  I can't tell you how we got here or give an address, but if you go here, you can read about how to hike here from Nago.  There are picnic tables just below the castle, so bring a lunch and enjoy a picnic.  
We passed this house and lots of grapevines. 

This castle was used during Roman times all the way through the early 1700's when it was finally destroyed.  Notice the fences, they are to keep you from falling off the mountain.  At this point I am looking at Bob and saying to myself, "don't even think about it!"
But he does!  There are two things to notice about this photograph.  First, look how thick the walls are.  Must be at least three feet thick.  Second, notice how close to the edge Bob is standing.  He got a tongue lashing for that one.
Really, there isn't anything in the way of impressive on this mountain top, but we still enjoyed roaming around imagining what life would have been like trekking up a hill side every day or dealing with the cold, damp conditions inside a stone fortress.    

This is the view of Lake Garda coming from the north.