Lake Garda

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I have a painting hanging in my house that my mother bought for me a few years ago at Hobby Lobby. It's a great little ocean front scene with sail boats in the harbor and I've often wondered where it was painted.  

Our school has a Facebook page where parents share all sorts of information, especially vacation ideas. One woman recommended Lake Garda, but she said, "do not look at photos beforehand, just go and be surprised by it's beauty."  Well, you know what I did, I immediately went to google images and to my DELIGHT I discovered my painting!  I decided right then that we'd have to make a trip to Lake Garda, Italy and that opportunity came sooner than I expected two weekends ago.  

The weather was beautiful, the mountains beckoned and we had a great apartment overlooking the town.  Loved Lake Garda, a definite recommend.  It's not often that I can recommend our lodgings, but this time I can.  Our apartment was up on the hill over looking town, but only a 10 minute walk into the center.  We had a 3 bedroom apartment with room enough for 10 people.  The huge balcony had dining chairs and table, umbrella and lounge chairs for sun bathing.  

The Details
Address: Aparthotel Englovacanze via Lavino 14 Riva del Garda
Parking:  free onsite parking
 That clock tower is in my painting.
 Like all of Europe, Lake Garda is old and this bastion served as a fortification for locals in the 16th century who had strategic control of the northern end of the lake and the trade routes flowing north.
It was a 35 minute hike with grandma, but the next day Eliza, Eden and I did it again in 15, calorie burning, minutes.

Bob and I continued on for another hour up the mountain to a small little church (which I didn't photograph, duh?!) and we were rewarded with this fantastic view of the town below.  Riva del Garda has lots of opportunities for hiking, biking and climbing.  It's a good place to be if you want to be active on your holiday.