Photo Journey Through Riva del Garda

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I love it when I open up my camera and find photos taken by Eliza.  She is beginning to catch the vision of photography.

 Okay, this is seriously my new FAVORITE photograph.  The funny thing is, when I saw that bicycle in front of the door I thought to myself, that is a good photograph, but Ej had the camera and I walked away.  I was so pleased when I saw these!  I am not sure which one I like better, the horizontal or vertical with balcony up top.  Great job, Eliza I LOVE this image!

She knows I like ally ways and colorful building.  I think we need an architectural lesson so we know the proper names of the parts of buildings.  

Now, how does he do that?  When it was quitting time for the Monk, two others came and put up a tent around him so he could "get down."