U2 at Olympic Park

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The Olympic Park in Munich is venue to many of the city's cultural events. Concerts, summer fairs, Movie in the Park and the Alpine Ski World Cup are just some of the events held here.  It is a great place to run, feed the ducks and mingle with others.  Check the website for upcoming events, there is always something going on.

The Details
Address: Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 Munich, Germany  (089) 306 70
Transportation: U3 Olympia Zentrum

The girls are standing infront of the Olympic Stadium where we saw U2
Tonight we saw U2 in concert and it was fantastic!  The venue and sound were great and with thousands of people walking around the park the atmosphere was electric.  The stadium is open air, so those not fortunate enough to get tickets inside hung out on the grass to listen. 

So, a few weeks ago I was checking ticket master to see where in Europe U2 might be playing. To my delight I found they were playing 1 mile from my hotel at the Olympia Stadium in Munich. I set out to get tickets, but the concert was sold out. But I know what sold out means…you can always get a ticket, somehow.

This morning I took my morning jog at the Olympic Park to scope things out. I saw lots of “official” looking people so I started asking about tickets…SOLD OUT, SOLD OUT is all I kept hearing. Well, I wasn’t to be deterred. This afternoon I left Eden with one of the Hotel receptionists (yes, we’ve been here that long, we are all friends now) and headed back over to the park.

I’ve never purchased scalped tickets, so I didn’t really know what to look for and I was a little nervous I’d get ripped off. I saw a few guys selling singles, so I kept walking. About 30 minutes into my search I found an Italian with two tickets, general admission. He wanted about $30 over face value for each ticket (which I thought was a high mark up), but the face value wasn’t as much as I paid the last time I saw these guys, so I tried to negotiate with him. He wasn’t budging on his price, so I let him walk away, but I followed him while I called Bob. Long story short, I caught up with him and said, "Okay, give me the tickets".

After we completed our transaction, he touched my hair and face and told me how beautiful I was, then asked if I was meeting my boyfriend at the concert---I smiled, said, "thanks" and walked away.

Our tickets were down on the stadium floor, general admission so we had to stand the entire time and I couldn’t see the stage, but it WAS SO WORTH IT, THEY WERE GREAT.

Okay, but here’s a funny story... This crew cut sporting guy standing next to us stood there for the first 30 minutes with his arms folded. He didn’t sing, smile, clap, sway, NOTHING! I kept looking over at him thinking, “really?? You paid money to get into this concert?” Another 30 minutes went by, not a single gesture of happiness. Then he took out his cell phone, took a picture and left. It was bizarre. But the entire crowd was sort of sedate. I kept waiting for this mad rush to the front, you know, when the band comes out the crowd starts pushing from behind---well, not the Germans. We were close together, but people did not push. No unruly crowds of obnoxious people, I was amazed. But they also were much more reserved in their gestures of excitement. I was hooping and howlering like any American would do, but I was almost alone in my jubilation.

And I was joyful, because the band played a great mix of songs from old albums to new. Bob and I guessed which song they’d open with. I said Beautiful Day, he said Vertigo…they opened with Beautiful Day and it was a crowd pleaser. They played for two hours including, Vertigo, With or Without You, She Moves in Mysterious Ways, One, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Elevation, Where the Streets Have No Name…
I can’t remember the rest, but it was great fun! Just as the concert was ending it began raining. I swear the German’s are the most weather prepared people on the planet. They seemingly were all wearing parkas and put on their hoods to shelter them from the inclimate weather. As Bono exited the stage he began singing “I’m Singing in the Rain.” It was a cool impromptu gesture.

I had a smile on my face tonight! This was my third time seeing U2 in concert and I think my favorite set of songs. So, thank you to Sabrina at the hotel for watching Eden, thank you to my Italian boyfriend who sold me legit tickets and thank you to Bob for enjoying U2 as much as I do.