Ice Skating at the Eiffel Tower

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There is nothing more iconic than the Eiffel tower.  I've read it's the most photographed structure in the world.  I wouldn't be surprised given the number of tourists doing the exact same thing we were doing. Our goal for the day was ice skating, so for this trip we did not actually climb the tower.

Transportation: Metro stop Bir-Hakeim or Trocadero line 6
Cost: 5e all inclusive, rink time, stakes and helmet.
Time:  30 minutes.  It was very busy, so every few minutes an announcement was made asking those who had been on the ice 30 minutes to leave so others could skate.  It was "on your honor," no one was keeping track.   
 Okay seriously, how hard is it to get the tower straight?  And this is the best of 3 shots taken!
See, I can do it, so why can't others?  I've decided just because you are carrying a fancy camera doesn't mean you can take good photographs. 
Normally, there is an ice skating rink on the first level of the tower, but not this year.  The girls had to settle for the rinky dink, over crowded patch of ice in front--not a bad view though and they had a good time!

 Bob insisted (smartly, though she was the only kid) Eden wear a helmet.
And yes, that is a unicorn horn growing out of my head.  That's what you get for self photographing.