Munich Christkindlmarkt

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I've said this many times before and I'll say it again, Europe is great at Christmas time. I love how they unabashedly display in public manger scenes and angles.  In almost every square there is a reminder of the true reason we are celebrating the season and I appreciate that.  

Munich has several Christmas markets and while they all tend to sell the same types of food, many of the markets have a unique theme.  The big market at Marianplatz sells Christmas ornaments and decorations, while others sell more boutique items such as scarves and other woolens, leather products and jewelry. About the only thing we actually buy is food.  You can always count on the Christmas stalls to sell some good treats!  

The Details:
Address:  All over the city; Marianplatz, the Residenz, Wittlesbacher Platz.  Check out the website for a complete list.
Dates: 30 Nov- 24 Dec; times vary check the website, but generally 10am-8pm
           The only bummer about the German markets is that they close December 24, so if you are       visiting after Christmas you are out of luck!
Cost:  the markets are always free.

You can not walk 25 feet without running into a Gluhwein (hot wine) stall, it is German staple at Christmas time.  

 Courtyard of the Rathaus

This is our favorite Christmas time treat and you find it at the market at the Residenz.  It is especially delicious when it is fresh out of the oven.

 Entrance to the Residenz market

We found this inside what is a flower stall during the summer just beside the Theatiner Kirche.