Opera Garnier

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The Opera House is beautiful.  Lovers of 19th century architecture will appreciate the gilded age statues, columns, candelabra's and grand staircase that make this a grandiose venue. We stopped by for a non-guided tour where you are allowed to wander the three floors on your own. 

The Details
Transportation: Metro lines 3, 7, 8 Opera 
Hours: 10am-5pm every day
Cost: 9e/6e for children
Time: about 1 hour
When you emerge from the metro this is your view.
On the third floor there is a display of the "behind the scenes" workers, from costume designers, launderers and shoe makers to seamstresses and prop people.  I didn't take any photos, but it was interesting to find out just how many people it takes behind the curtain to make the opera run.
This grand salon reminds me of Versailles.