Strasbourg, France

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For our Christmas vacation we decided to go to Paris, but instead of driving straight there we decided to   drive half way and stay the night in Strasbourg.  We had heard that it was a good place to visit, but we didn't expect to fall in love with the place.  It is a must see!  It is by far the best Christmas town we've seen.  The city center was draped in holiday decorations, from lights, trees and manger scenes to chandelier lit passageways, ribbon bunting and Christmas trees. It was absolutely festive and a treat for the eyes!

The Details:
Time: one evening and one morning--so about a day for a quick trip
Hotel:  Adagio Access Strasbourg Illkirch**
            106 Avenue de Strasbourg, Illkirch-Graffenstaden 67400
All hotels in Strasbourg were $200+ a night, so we opted to stay in Illkirch. The hotel was a very basic, but clean 2 star hotel with kitchenette.  The tram platform was literally just outside the hotel, so within about 13 minutes we were in the historic center, it couldn't have been easier!
Dinner: Baan Thai  We were pretty satisfied
             3 Rue Kageneck, 67000 Strasbourg  phone: 03 88 32 39
Transportation:  We took the tram in and out of the city, but otherwise, it is a walkable town. 
Cost: 7.50e for a 24hr pass for 4
Strasbourg is located on the border of France and Germany and has passed between the two countries through out it's long history. At the moment, it is located in France, but people say it has the best of both cultures.  It's location on the Ill River made it an important trading center and as such there has been a settlement here for over 2000 years.  The entire city center is on UNESCO's World Heritage site.
Some historic facts about Strasbourg:
When the Strasbourg Cathedral was finished in 1439 was the tallest building in the world.
Johannes Gutenburg invents the moveable type printing press in Strasbourg.
Protestantism takes a firm hold here during the Reformation
1605 first newspaper is printed
In December 2012 the Neal family confirmed that Strasbourg is the best Christmas town they've been to yet!

 The town is well known for it's half timbered buildings.