The Church of St. Eustache

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This late Gothic gem is situated at Les Halles, it was built between 1532-1632, although a perish church has existed on this spot since 1223.  St. Eustache is named for a Roman general who, along with his family was burned when they converted to Christianity.  Some notables associated with the church include Louis XIV who received his first communion here and Mozart, whose mother's funeral was here.  Also, several works by Peter Paul Rubens hang in the church.

The Details
Address: 2 Impasse Saint-Eustache, 75001
                Les Halles metro line 4
Hours: M-F 9:30am-7pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 9am-7pm
Cost: free
Time: 30 minutes

I swiped the photo above from wikipedia--the area around the church is under construction, so getting a good outdoor shot was tough.
Once inside you realize just how magnificent and large the church is.  I enjoyed my few minutes of peace inside while Bob and the girls played at a park nearby.  The whole area around the church is currently under construction, but aside from that this is a good area for exploring.  There is a movie theater showing films in English near by (look for VO, version original), along with loads of restaurants and shopping.