Caen Memorial Museum

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I hate to admit this, but I always thought Normandy was a singular spot on the map where the D-Day invasions began, but in fact, it is a region in France, with about 60 miles of World War 2 coastline.  There are lots of ways to organize your World War 2 memorial trip; we began ours at the Caen Memorial Museum.

The Details
Address:  Esplanade General Eisenhower BP 55026
                14050 Caen Cedex 4 France  
Hours: 9:30am-6pm/check the website for Monday closures between November and February.
Cost: 19e adults/49e family pass
Time: allow 3 hours 
Tip: The museum has a free day care for children.  We left our 8 year old in the nursery and we were all much happier.  There is a cafeteria upstairs so when you need a break, you don't have to leave the building.  
I can't say enough about how well organized, interesting and impressive the museum is.  It was a worthwhile, if not "must see" stop, even my 15 year old was engaged.  It helped that she has been studying WWI and the lead up to WWII for a year and a half now and could put it all into context.
The poster on the left says, "Our Last Hope", Hitler.  We have been to the stadium seen in these photos in Nuremberg, it is massive and to see it filled with people is incredible.  As I walked the museum from display to display I continued to be amazed, heart broken, surprised and in awe. 

"With the front and home, victory is guaranteed".
Had to end on a happy note.  Eden was pleased as punch to spend 3 hours playing, including making the butterfly mask she is wearing and we were thankful to have the uninterrupted time to ponder, learn and offer silent prayers of gratitude.