Hallstatt Salt Mines

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To take our minds off of Bob who is climbing Mt. Elbrus in Russia, the girls and I hopped in the car and headed 3 hours south to the Salzkammergut or lake region of Austria.

This is the village of Hallstatt.  It is snug against the mountain side and very picturesque.  Our destination was the Hallstatt Salt Mines.

The Details
AddressSalzbergstraße 21, 4830 Hallstatt, Austria  +43 6132 2002400
Cost: 26e adult, 54e family (2 adults, 1 child) 13e each additional child--This includes funicular ride up and down and the salt mine tour.  If you prefer to hike, one way funicular rides are also available for a discount.  See website for further details.
Hours: April-Mid September 9:30am-4:30pm/Mid September-October 9:30am-3:00pm
Time: 2 hours
Parking:  Parking is at a premium, see this website for more information.  For the Salt Mine I parked in lot 2.
 Once you've purchased tickets you take a glass windowed funicular up the mountainside where the tour actually begins.  The view from above is spectacular.  FYI-You don't have to take the funicular.  If you are interested in a steep hike, you can do that too and it will save you a couple of bucks.

The mine is said to be 7000 years old. Archaeologists found 1500 neolithic burials in the area surrounding the mine.  The mine is still in use today, but with high tech machinery it only requires 39  men.  We donned these cute jump suits as part of the tour. The tour guide spoke German and English, however the short movie presentation was in German with English subtitles, so be sure to position yourself in front of the screen.

Mine entrance--The temperature inside the mine is between 7-10* C (44-50*F), so it is necessary to bring a sweatshirt and I'd advice wearing sturdy shoes.

This was so fun!  They let you slide down old debris shoots.

Illuminated rock salt.  You can buy rock salt lamps in the souvenir shop.

I am impressed that this photo came out as well as it did.  The room was barely lit--I set the camera on a ledge and let the shutter stay open to capture the rock pile.
At the end of the tour you board a small train which takes you back to the exit.  My girls gave the mine two thumbs up, and that is success in my book.  Once back outside you are free to roam around as much as you'd like.  There is a restaurant with killer views, just be sure to note the departure time of the last funicular down.