Jochberg Mountain

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This looks WAY to cold for me, but Bob sure enjoys it!  My husband is a budding mountain climber.  He likes the challenge of a hard climb, the extreme conditions and pushing himself to his limits.  Our family motto (thanks to him) is "We Do Hard Things."  Can't say my children are in love with our credo, but when he hears them say, "that's too hard,"  he responds with, "Hard is good!"

Living in Germany has afforded Bob the opportunity to hike/climb in some really beautiful places, Chamonix, France being my favorite so far.  Unfortunately for him, I am not willing to let him use all his vacation time traveling Europe in search of its tallest mountains, so sometimes a day hike has to do. 

The Details
Mount Jochberg
Location:  1.5 hour south of Munich
Parking: near the trailhead  
Time: 2.5 hours round trip
Level of difficulty: easy--so says my husband
Tip: The Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV) is an mountaineering organization in charge of maintaining the many huts scattered across the Alps. They provide maps, guides and other valuable information essential for hiking in the area.  The website is in German, but has the most comprehensive information on the subject of hiking in southern Germany.  Sporthaus Schuster has a DAV desk where you can purchase all sorts of maps and guides and I've had luck getting help in English.