Michael Jackson Memorial

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This memorial to Michael Jackson sits in Promenadeplatz in Munich across the street from the Bayerischer Hof Hotel where he once stayed.  Ironically, the memorial has been placed on the base of a statue honoring the renaissance composer Orlande de Lassus.

My neighbor, who is the one who showed me the memorial, and I got into a friendly argument over the singer's impact on music.  She refused to concede that he was one the worlds biggest pop stars (strictly speaking of his music).  When I brought up Thriller she just scoffed, SCOFFED!  You had to have had your head in the sand in 1983 to not know it was the biggest thing since sliced bread to hit the US music scene.  I remember praying my parents would get cable just so we could see the video on MTV.  To this day, when Halloween roles around and MTV pulls out the vintage files of Thriller, I still get that excited feeling I had when I was in the 6th grade.

If you are dying to see the make shift memorial, you'll find it on the Promanadeplatz.