Ancient Side

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Bob and I did steal away for a few hours to visit the ancient city of Side.  The majority of the city has not been excavated, but its location on the coast is fantastic!
The Details
From our hotel we caught a dolmus heading for Side.  The bus terminates at the edge of town where you walk the rest of the way into the city. Don't worry you can't get lost, just follow the herd.
Cost: 3:50e each way
Time: 20 minutes from our hotel.
Tip: Buses drive by every 10 minutes or so.  Their destination is clearly marked in the window.  When you want to return home note that buses go to certain hotels. Check the side window to see if your hotel is listed.  Buses are safe and a reliable way to get from your hotel to the ancient city.
Greek writing on the seats in the amphitheater.

I know, you have to use your imagination, but I love buildings that are falling apart.

Is this not the best view?  Those houses are built on ancient walls.

Gotta love fresh squeezed orange juice for 1e.
I would have loved eating at this restaurant among the ruins.
Temple of Apollo--Okay, it's hardly a temple, but those are 5 great columns!

You really have to use your imagination, but this was a main street. The street was paved with marble slabs and shops would have lined both sides of the street.
City walls
Beauty aside, it was hotter than Hades out and I was sweating buckets!  When we returned to the hotel Bob said, "did you sit in some water?"  Uh, no, that would be sweat.

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  1. That looks awesome. I so want to go back to Turkey. We just did Istanbul.