Beach Fun

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Down at the beach was a company offering "water fun" toys. I wanted to go parasailing, but who would join me? Eliza is afraid of heights and Bob didn't want both of us up in the air at the same time in the event that we fell out of the sky, so I asked Eden if she wanted to go and she said, "sure!" She is such a dare devil and I can always count on her for an adventure!  Here we go...
The Details
Location: On our beach next to the hotel.  I noticed every few resorts there was a water toy rental, so you don't have to walk far to find one.
Cost: 30e for the two of us, 10e for photos

We are just about to leave the boat and I've got to get the video camera ready to capture our crazy ride.
No turning back now, this is NUTS!

Wave to the camera!

The only time I was nervous was when the wind began to blow a bit and our sail would sway.
Higher and higher!  It was so fun to be up in the air and get a birds eye view of the earth.  The ocean was so clear, no sharks, not even big fish; it made me feel better about swimming a bit deeper.
We are now being reeled back in...
That was fantastic fun!  Eden, thank you for braving the heights with me!
The parasail was so much fun and Eliza was wanting to do something, so we rented the banana boat.  It took some convincing to get Bob on it, but when it was all said and done we agreed, "that was fun!"  I think I need to do more kid fun stuff, it never seems to disappoint. 

The Details
Cost: 7e per person, 10e for photos

In addition, you can rent jet skies and wind surf boards.  The prices seemed fair, you must bring cash and smaller bills are better.