Our Barn Yard Accommodation

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When planning our Christmas vacation to Paris, I complained to Bob about wishing we could afford to stay in the chic, historic, tall ceilinged, penthouses of Paris or the in the chateau out in the country...In response to my comment, he booked us a farm house abode in the middle of nowhere.  Actually, it was in a small village (if you can call it that) not too far from the World War 2 beaches where we would spend our day.
The Details
La Ferme de la Petite Noe
Address9 route de Bayeux Centre Equestre cherokee Equitation Loisirs, 14117 Tracy-sur-Mer
Breakfast included
The apartment (no kitchen) was plenty big and the breakfast was very good, but the room was not as clean as it could have been.  It was surface clean, but the floors needed to be swept and mopped.  

We literally did sleep above a barn; the horses were below us.  Eden was hopeful she would get to ride one, but the ground was muddy, the horses dirty and we wanted to get going with our plans for the day. 

The website advertised free internet access in public areas; this was the public area.  Bob and I sat under that window booking arrangements for the rest of our trip and the consensus was, "no more barn abodes!"

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  1. I had to laugh at the expressions and the internet area is so charming. Even a wheelbarrow to sit your computer down in. If you were around normandy, i found that a fascinating area and "felt " all of the ghosts on the beaches. I also stayed ONCE on a barn.... we were in the loft.... in ALASKA, and after that became much more astute in picking my out of the way spots to stay. Bet you had fun though, and a trip you will never forget.