Prague Food Fair

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We made a quick, and I mean quick trip to Prague last weekend.  By the time we made it downtown it was nearly 2:00pm,  we had not eaten and I was HUNGRY.  To our delight there was a street food fair going on, so instead of gulping down a quick hamburger from McDonald's we had our choice of some really good food.
Okay, this is more like dessert, but it is one of my favorite treats at Christmas time in Germany. They are especially good when they are fresh off the grill.
I am a total sucker for fried potatoes, I LOVE THEM and the thinner the better.  These were more like fresh potato chips.  I could have eaten this bag all by myself, unfortunately I had to share with 3 other hungry mouths.

This concoction is what I call gobbeldy goock.  It is a mixture of spaztl noodles, cheese, bacon bits and sauerkraut.
 This is the stand we ended up eating from...chicken kabobs.

 But, when we passed the pork on the spit, I was wishing I had stopped here to eat.
For dinner we ate at an excellent restaurant near the John Lennon Wall called Campanulia.
The Details
Address: Velkoprevorske Namesti 4 11000 Praha 1
We ate garden side enjoying the quiet ambiance of the court yard.  We were universally happy  with our food and I swear the chocolate mousse was some of the best we've eaten in Europe.  I recommended the restaurant to a friend of mine who was in Prague a week later and she told me Campanulia was their favorite meal of the trip.