Turkey 2012

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There are plenty of hot and sunny places to go when you live in Germany. We chose a resort near the ancient town of Side, Turkey as the destination for our beach vacation.  The combination of beach and ancient ruins was right up our alley and we had a fantastic time. We booked our vacation with First Reiseburo who took care of all the details, all I had to do was hand over my credit card.  Our all inclusive package included all food/drink for the week, snacks at the pool bar and transfers to and from the airport.

The Details
Hotel: Sural Resort Hotel, Colakli  Colakli Turizm Beldesi | PK 32, Colakli 07600, Turkey
The hotel is 3 star. Our room was basic, but clean.  The air conditioning was not very effective in our room, but in the hotel lobby where the free internet access is, it was very refreshing.  

We have simple taste when it comes to food so we were satisfied with the buffet.  Every day they offered an extensive salad bar, there was always a chicken option and plenty of fresh fruit.  Each day at 3pm ice cream was served and as you can imagine that was a hit with my daughters.  

The hotel is popular with Eastern Europeans and Germans, so don't be surprised if you don't hear any one speaking English.  Only on our last day did we meet another English speaking family.  I had read negative reviews about some of the Eastern European guests, but we had no problems.  It was a family friendly hotel with great pools, slides for the children and an unlimited tap of Diet Cola for my husband.

Nothing beats a $5 hair cut for deal loving Bob!
I had these same slippers 30 years ago when my family lived in Turkey so I loved it when Eliza wanted a pair.

This was the first time we've had a total chill-ax vacation. We didn't really sight see, we basically went to breakfast then the pool, lunch then out to the sea. Back in for dinner then out for a late night stroll. Bob didn't pull out his work computer and we just swam, swam, swam! It was also the first time we hit the beach weather jackpot. It was hot every day, the water was warm, the breeze off the ocean was refreshing and we just had a great time!

Okay, see the blond man below.  Bob and I agree, if this isn't James Bond, it is his stunt double--This guy was the spitting image of him!  I tried getting a better photograph of him, but I didn't have the telephoto lens and it's a bit hard to be discrete with a short range camera.   I couldn't keep my eyes off him all week.  

So, our FAVORITE treat each day was this lady who didn't speak a lick of English, but made delicious  flat bread.  She rolled it incredibly thin then filled it with one of four tasty fillings and cooked it on this dome shaped grill.

She was incredibly fast and would flip it with a long stick.  My favorite was just plain bread coated with olive oil and salt.  Eliza loved the cinnamon and sugar, Bob preferred the veggie filling and Eden ate whatever was lying around.  We ordered at least 4 every day!

Even the bread lady said we need to fatten Bob up.

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  1. We're planning to have a family vacation in one of the beachfront hotels in Turkey. Like you, we are not too keen on sightseeing. We're more interested in simply letting the beach take the stress away. I hope that our family will have as much fun as you as seen in the photos. Your expression on the haircut is priceless!