Delphi Recommendations

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There is so much to report about our trip to Greece that I realized my blog entries would be mammoth.  I decided rather than trying to cram all my information into one post for each destination I would give you my recommendations separate from the site seeing.  That way it is easier for people to find the information they are looking for.

The Details 
Address: 32 V.Pavlou & Friderikis St. Delphi, 33054
Parking:  Good luck!  Find an empty spot and pull your car up onto the curb.

We booked the family room, pictured above.  The room was clean and big; I wish all our rooms in Greece were this size.  The sitting area was a nice added touch.  The beds were firm, but we slept soundly. The hotel offered free wi-fi that actually did work in the room, although I chose to lounge in the front lobby to play chess with my daughter.  Breakfast was included--it was somewhat limited, offering croissants, pound cake, cheese, hard boiled eggs, ham and turkey. Certainly enough to get your day going.  The hotel staff was excellent! The afternoon we arrived the clerk looked at us and said, "You must be the Neal family, Welcome, " and she gave us a restaurant recommendation that was actually quite good.  

The town center literally is two one way streets lined with gift shops selling everything from olive oil and sandals, to soap and pottery reproductions.  I was in the market for an "authentic" looking reproduction pot and scoured the many shops before deciding to purchase.  The man I ended up purchasing from actually does the painting himself and the quality shows.  Prices are a bit higher, but his pieces are actual reproductions of museum pieces.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have a website so unless you are in Delphi you aren't going to see his work. He will pack your valuable and ship it to the USA and if you pay cash he will cut you a deal.  My only regret was not buying a bigger piece. 

Amphora Ceramics
D. Michaylou
Hand painted Greek Vases
Apollonos 6-8 Delphi 33054

We ate two meals out, but I will only include the one (recommended by our hotel) that is worth going to.  Prices were good, food was hot, fresh, plentiful and tasty!

Souvlaki Pita Gyro Shop
Appollonas St. Delphi