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Few things garner as much anticipation in a young teen's life than the opening of a favorite store, especially when that store is American--or could it be the half naked boys prancing around Munich the week before the store's official opening?  My teenage daughter counted down the days last October to the opening of Abercrombie & Fitch, the clothing store popular with the young set.

The crazy thing was that despite the store's astronomical prices there was a line an hour long to get into the store the entire first week it was opened.  The draw? Aside from the hot guys waiting to take their photo with you?  I finally went with my daughter a few months later to find out. 

 The Details
AddressSendlinger Straße 8 Munich 089 9400 880
Hours: 10am-8pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun
Transportation: Any S or Ubahn that stops at Marianplatz, it's a 5 minute walk from there.

I tried taking photos inside the store, but as soon as I whipped out my camera I was told to put it away and they've clearly been vigilant about it because I couldn't even find interior photos online.

I've never felt more dated than when I walked into the store.  It's a bit disorienting--the music is blaring and the store is so dark I was practically blind for the first three minutes.  Your eyes do adjust, but the store is intentionally dark and forget about having any sort of conversation.  It feels like shopping at a disco.

The main floor is highlighted by a beautiful chandelier. A red carpeted staircase carries you upward to levels 2 & 3, the walls are covered in murals of half naked men and everything (at least in the dark) seems to be beautifully wood paneled.  The rod iron decoration on the windows actually reminded me of the Palau Guell in Barcelona.   Maybe all this overhead is why a pair of barely there "Daisy Duke's" will cost you €68-€88--that's EUROS.

Bottom dollar, if you value your pennies Abercrombie is not your store...then again maybe you are going just to see the boys.

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  1. I think I need some t-shirts from there. Shall we arrange a trip?!?! ;D