Olympia Museum

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Olympia has 3 museums, but we only toured the one featuring finds from the site. It is just across the street from the entrance to the site, and doesn't take long to wander through.  The highlight for me was the pediment statues from the Temple of Zeus, it's the most complete of any I've seen.  Even the Parthenon statues in the British Museum aren't as complete.  
The theme or story of the west pediment is the Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs.  The centaurs have just crashed a wedding and in a drunken stupor are trying to make off with the women.  In the photo above you can see a woman who is trying to free herself from the grasp of a centaur.
This is the personification of Victory, or in Greek, Nike.  She stood on a pillar outside the Temple of Zeus. The small bull figurines are votive statues.  Thousands of them were found near the Temple of Zeus.  This bull stood in the center of a large two tiered fountain.
Just a few close up of relics I liked.  The circle is a shield and Eliza liked the helmets.