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One thing you need to know about my husband is that vacation means EXERCISE.  It means his normal daily workout isn't enough.  It means he will run twice a day, it means he will run twice and then climb a mountain, it means he will eat gelato then jog up and down the beach until he has burned those calories off.  It means I am in a constant state of annoyance because I want to sit still on the beach and eat, eat, eat!  So naturally, on day one as we were sitting on the beach Bob looked up and said, "we need to hike that mountain."
We left the girls at the apartment and started up.  We were about 40 minutes into our hike when the clouds rolled.  I wanted to keep pressing forward, but Bob said we'd have to turn around if we heard thunder.  Within about 10 minutes it was pouring down rain.  As we ran down the hillside we took shelter in the door way of this dilapidated structure.  I couldn't help but chuckle as Bob and I stood shivering under the lintel.  The rain didn't last long, but worried that it might start up again we continued downward.    

Next day...we got up early to conquer our mountain.  What a difference the light makes, looks at that gorgeous ocean down below.
The cross had a sign in book--we were the first ones to the top that day.