Oberschleissheim Schloss

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Oberschleissheim Schloss was intended to be the new residence of Elector Max Emanuel. The original design mimicked Versailles with connecting sides, but political trouble forced Max to flee the country and eventually only one large hall was built. That one hall however, is pretty splendid.  The stucco work, the painted ceilings, the ornate furniture all speak to a time of excess. 

Oberschleissheim doesn't get as much press as Nymphenberg, probably because it's location outside of the city, but it is equally impressive and worthy of a visit. The schloss is only 10 minutes from our house, so it is convenient for us to drive over for short visits.  On this particular day we didn't even go inside, instead we enjoyed the grounds.  
The Details
AddressMax-Emanuel-Platz 1, 85764 Oberschleißheim  
S1 (blue line) Oberschleissheim stop then 7 minute walk south back to Schloss.
Cost: €8.00 combo ticket gives you access to all buildings on the property.
Time:  This was my mother's favorite schloss, she went back twice and spent 4 hours.  I'd give it 2.
TIP: The grounds are lovely.  In early spring the canals are teeming with fish eggs and mating frogs.  By late spring the cygnets (baby swans) have hatched and the gardens are starting to bloom.  Late summer and early fall the fountains are running and the gardens are in full bloom.

  Close up of door panels. 

 I don't know if this heart is naturally occurring, but we all agreed it was pretty. 
Who can resist taking pictures of such sweet nature?