San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

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My daughter had 4 days off from school for "study time" so we decided what better place to study than the bEaCh! Bob found ridiculously cheap tickets to Sicily on Ryan Air, so we packed our bathing suits and headed for San Vito lo Capo.  
This was our first flight with Ryan Air and it was really a pleasant experience.  The drive from Munich to Memmingen was easy...autobahn the whole way.  Parking for a week was €37, but we would have spent  €40 on round trip train tickets, so transportation was pretty much a wash.

Ryan Air is cheap for a reason and you need to pay careful attention to their fine print in order to avoid last minute fees.  You have to check in and print your boarding cards BEFORE you arrive at the airport and they have very strict weight limits.  If you are traveling with hand luggage understand you are only allowed 1 10 kilo bag, that includes your purse, computer etc.

We did not pay for pre-boarding or assigned seats, but we were able to find seats together and I did notice that people were kind and allowed families with small children to cut to the front of the line.
I won't lie, the sunshine was fantastic, but before you get too jealous, know the water was freezing!  My crazy kids got in, but it was too cold for me.

We booked the Residence Smeraldo apartment three blocks from the beach. We found them on, but got a better rate by arranging things directly with them.   We were super pleased with the apartment and the staff.  Two bedrooms, separate kitchen and TV area, patio with furniture, free parking and quiet!  The only downside was there was no internet--When we wanted internet access we had to walk down to the sister hotel.  We actually didn't mind the "disconnection," it actually helped keep Eliza focused on her studies.  Each night after dinner we'd walk down to the hotel, sit in the commons area and plug in.
The Details
Residence Smeraldo
Address: Via Frederico 11 6
Check in is at Mira Spiaggia, Via Litoranea Lungomare 6 91010 San Vito lo Capo
TIP: Do your grocery shopping in Trapani before you get to San Vito.  Better selection and better prices.

How exactly does a cactus get way up there? It's amazing to me where plants can grow. 
We tried eating some place new every night and judging by the number of Trip Advisor stickers we saw in restaurant windows you'd think the town was full of 4* restaurants.  In fact, I think someone was handing them out for free.  We found the restaurants we liked best had NO sticker. We ate the local specialties; cous cous, fish, prawns and the Sicilian pasta, but you can't go to Italy and not eat at least one pizza.   Here are our recommendations.

Gelateria Artigianale
Address:  via Savoia, 72 
We tried a gelato shop with the mile long line, full of locals, but this one was our favorite. 
La Gna' Sara
Address: Via Duca degli Abbruzzi 8
We liked the pizza here.

U. Sfizziusu
Address: Via Lungomare 19
Full of locals--only complaint is the cover charge we universally found in San Vito. 

Super fun afternoon--Free concert and this guy was enjoying himself.  It was really odd though to hear American Oldies being sung in such a remote place.
What do you do when you have no yard? Love it!

It seems very "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" to get a massage on the beach, but truth be told, it was less massage and more pounding.  Calgon, take me away!


  1. Gorgeous pictures Brooke! Sounds like an amazing place, I am adding it to my list too! :)

  2. Hotel Vecchio Mulino
    Via Mulino 55, San Vito Lo Capo San Vito Lo Capo, Italia

    Truffatori e maleducato !!
    Con un imprevisto abbiamo dovuto cancellare la prenotazione lo stesso giorno in cui siamo arrivati e ci hanno fatto pagare pensione completa. Il proprietario rimasto con la nostra carta di credito e ha dovuto andare alla polizia per recuperarlo. L'accordo è stato disastroso e molto scortese, insulti e provocazioni. Tutto questo trambusto è stato per 40 euro miserabile.
    Se dovessi tornare a San Vito lo Capo piuttosto dormire sulla spiaggia prima di tornare lì!