Frankenstein's Castle

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Did you know Frankenstein's Castle actually exists?  It does, about 45 miles south of Frankfurt and we stopped for a picnic on our way back to Munich.  There isn't much to see other than a few reconstructed towers, but there is great hiking nearby and a biergarten onsite.  They also host an annual Halloween event; you can check out their website for details.   While I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to visit, if you're in the neck of the woods stop by.   
Address: 64367 Mühl Darmstadt
Cost: €1 adults--place donation in coin box at entrance.
Time: 30 minutes
Parking: Parking is just below the castle. It's a 3 minute walk up the hill.
The original castle was built in 1250 by a man named Frankenstein, that is true.  In 1673 Johannes Dippel was born in the castle.  It is this man whom some believe inspired Mary Shelly's novel  Frankenstein. There is lots of controversy surrounding these modern claims, but it is true that Dippel was an alchemist (which got him in a lot of trouble with the church), he did experiment on animals and study their anatomies.  Beyond's fun story, right?  

We ran into 3 wedding parties the day we visited, I couldn't believe what a popular site this was for nuptials. And no, the women were not dressed as the "bride of Frankenstein," although that would have been a sight to see!