Munich Monday--Alte Pinokothek

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It's no secret, I love art museums.  I want to know how to interpret the paintings, I want to know the political, social and religious back story, and I want to understand the historic context. When a friend of mine told me her art historian brother in law would be in Munich touring museums with his students I jumped at the chance to tag along.  I absolutely loved my morning with them at the Alte Pinotheke, I learned a ton and I was so jealous of James' knowledge--I want to be that smart, dang it!  

Here is one thing I learned about the painting below by Van Der Weyden...notice the attentive cow/ox, he represents Christianity.  The donkey who is looking away or not paying attention was a slander against the Jews who denied the Christ.  This was a common artistic element during the Renaissance.
Alte Pinokothek
Hours: T 10am-8pm, W-Sun 10am-6pm, closed Monday
Cost: €7 adults, €1 Sunday admission
Transportation: U2 Konigsplatz or Theresienstrasse, Tram line 27 to Pinokotheken, Bus 100 Museum line
Time: That all depends on you--we spent about 3 hours.
Thanks to my height or lack thereof, all my photographs have a reflection off the glass--super buggy!
Above is the annunciation. The lilly is a common symbol of Mary.
Here we see the 4 Missionary Apostles holding their symbols--John is the young one in the red robe reading from his own gospel, Peter always holds the "keys to the kingdom," Mark holds the scroll and Paul is holding the sword and a closed book. The writing at their feet is actually passages from the Bible warning of false prophets.

This famous painting by Albrecht Durer originally hung in Nuremberg, but was eventually purchased from the city and brought to Munich where it has been for nearly 400 years--
The one Leonardo Di Vinci.
Peter Paul Rubans, The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus.  For an interesting explanation of this painting go here.

The lighting in this painting is amazing!
I fell in love with this series of peasant boys.


  1. I love all the hidden meanings in art... I love the Altes Pinothek. I went with Becci and she kept getting told off, very funny! :)

  2. hi there!
    i've been searching for an informative blog about Munich and was so glad when I
    randomly stumbled on this one.
    i wish to visit this city in December, and wanted to take a quick tour.
    thanks for sharing some of your insights, esp. the details.
    and like you,
    i'm an art lover as well,
    so this museum is a definite must visit.
    i hope to see these nice paintings soon.!

    your blog is now in my bookmark.
    so i can revisit it from time to time. ^0^