Munich Monday--Botanical Gardens

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I can't believe I've lived in Germany almost three years and this was my first outing to the Botanical Gardens. To say the gardens are beautiful is an understatement and inadequate.  The grounds are extensive, the variety of plants is staggering and between the beds and hothouses something is in bloom year round. Despite the clouds it was a lovely morning.   
Munich Botanical Garden
Address:  Menzingerstr. 65 80638
Hours:  9am-4:30pm in winter, 9am-7pm May-Aug
Time: 2 hours
Transportation:  Tram 17 or Bus 143
Cost:  €4 adults
The tulips had already passed their prime, but the Rhododendrons were just coming into full bloom along with the peony's and violets.
This parrot is made of the famous Nymphenburger porcelain.  I suppose, famous if you are in to porcelain.  I hadn't heard of them until I moved to Munich, but they've been producing fine quality porcelain for 260 years right at the Nypmphenburg Schloss.

I have Rhododendrons in my back yard, but they aren't  this big, not by a long shot!
I am disappointed I didn't take more photos inside the hothouses.  I loved the desert room with all it's cacti from different parts of the world and the Orchid sanctuary was impressive. Made me feel like going out and buying a new plant to replace the one I recently killed.
I tried to imagine what it would have been like to walk through a world's fair at the turn of the 20th century. Because we travel it's not so shocking to see Banana Trees, but imagine the person who'd never left London circa 1880, what surprise and aww they would have felt seeing these alien varieties from all over the world.
This bloom was about the size of my hand.