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Our culture club took a trip to Regensburg, the largest UNESCO city north of the Alps.   It was the only sunny day of the entire week and we took advantage of the weather by taking a walking tour of the city.  Regensburg was established in 179AD as a Roman outpost.  It has a long interesting past with many important historic figures intersecting including Martin Luther who visited 3 times and Oscar Schindler who lived here for 5 years.   Only an hour and half from Munich it is a perfect day trip.  
First 3 photos taken by Mardee S. of our group.
David and Goliath--this is a restoration, but it is the only 16th century wall painting left.

Consider this Medieval trash talk. As neighboring factions developed these capital ornaments showed up.  This angle, facing his neighborhood, is basically saying, "kiss my ---" to the barbarians next door.   
There were only 5 wells in Medieval Regensburg, the fact that this family had one on their property showed they had considerable wealth.
Local legend, Don Juan was a successful Naval Captain  winning an important battle against the Ottoman Empire.  He is shown here standing on the head of a Turk.
There has been a kitchen on this spot since 1147AD.  My friend from Regensburg told me that while the kitchen is popular with tourists, the locals frequent it as well and its reputation for having the best wurst is deserved.

This hat maker is famous for making the hats for the modern remake of Alice in Wonderland. The hat maker, or hat king is renown in Europe for his skill, craftsmanship and quality.
This angel is famous because she is smiling which was not common in the days when she was erected.


  1. Wish I could have come along that day! Love Regensburg and Love your pics too! Hope all is good (and happy 4th!) Emma (:

  2. It is one of the oldest cities in Bavaria with royal tourist destinations. I have been to Regensburg couple of times and visited almost every tourist attractions. I found that Festivals in Regensburg were really so enjoying and I love the Regensburg burger festival more.