Belmont Park, San Diego

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The first time I visited Bob in San Diego he brought me here to Belmont Park at Mission Beach and we rode the roller coaster.  It is crazy to me, that 20 years later we are bringing our children here to ride the same rickety roller coaster.  Belmont Park is always a hit with the kids and this year in lieu of Sea World and Legoland we let them get an all day pass for the rides and boy, did they take advantage!

Belmont Park is located in Mission Beach right on the boardwalk. An all day pass costs about $30 and you won't get Disney quality rides, but for young teens and children it is a lot of fun with just enough variety.  
Eliza, who is normally afraid of roller coasters, braved up and rode this one for the first time.  Eden wasn't a big fan of much in the beginning...notice her face on the purple ride.  She was a bit dramatic, but eventually she was all smiles.
 My camera did not do a good job in capturing the smiles, frowns and squeals of laughter!  I think there is almost nothing better than the delight and pure emotion of children!