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I've been wanting to visit the lakeside town of Lindau for sometime now.  The picturesque island on the Bodensee has been inhabited since the 1st century AD, but the feel of the city is more Medieval than Roman. Sharing a border with Austria and Switzerland, Lindau is a popular summer destination and with our perfect weather summer day, I can see why.

Lindau accepted the Protestant Reformation which can be seen in the austerity of this Lutheran church.  The wooden benches, absence of stained glass and lack of decoration or statuary are all hallmarks of a reformist church.
Doesn't matter the denomination, churches have this effect on my daughters!  I will say though, these benches were especially uncomfortable with the lip of molding jutting into your back.   I do love the idea of family pews though.
How clever is this..."Rapunzel, let down your hair."
Not the best photograph shot directly into the noon day sun, but this is the hallmark harbor of Lindau with the Bavarian Lion watching guard.
 From the lighthouse looking back at the city.  Isn't that a great rooftop?

We found this sliver of beach and took the opportunity to cool off.  I am sure there are better spots; this pebble beach was impossible to walk on barefoot.
 Back into town we set out to find a restaurant.

We ended up eating here on our very own secluded balcony surrounded by vines and flowers.
Da Capo Pizzeria Ristorante
Bürstegasse 1 88131 Lindau Insel
Reservations: not necessary during lunch

We tend to eat Italian and this place is recommendable.  The pizza was good, but my salad was even better!  The berries on top were a treat which when eaten gave the vinaigrette a fruity flavor. 

  Eliza was a fan of gnocchi.

 I never tire of flower boxes!