Surprise In My Garden

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Yesterday while sitting in my back yard preparing a lesson I heard something coughing in the bushes.  I  suspected it might be a hedgehog because we've seen them before, but they tend to be allusive so I was pretty excited when he began coughing again allowing me to find him.  
Surprisingly, he wasn't afraid of me when the leaves crinkled under my feet, nor was he bothered when I moved some branches to capture this photograph.  I decided to follow him and he led me to his den.
This collection of leaves is snuggled against a rock in a secure spot in the garden. I watched him as he walked in and hunkered down for a nice long nap.  When the girls came home I was excited to show them my discovery. When I was young I had a hedgehog as a pet, I remember being so sad when he died!  I hope we will have our new friend for a long time.
Here are a couple favorite children's books with hedgehogs as the main character. Both by Jan Brett, The Hat and Hedgie's Surprise.

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  1. Aw how lovely! I remember an Australian friend of mine being very excited at seeing one in London as she hadn't ever seen one before!