Triglav Park--Stop #3-5

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This was the best part of our trip in the Triglav National Park--Undoubtedly, you will have seen the Soca gorge on Pinterest.  It's known for its stunning aqua blue (and might I add, FREEZING) water. I think you can kayak here, but we didn't see any in this part of the river.

I am not sure what these are, perhaps chicken coops, but I liked the colors so I took a picture.
This was a two thumbs up!  The rapids aren't crazy scary, they were actually perfect for families with younger children and wimpy adults.  Ride lasts about an hour and a half, but what makes it so much fun are the stops along the way.  Bob took some prize winning video of us jumping off rocks and sliding down raft slides.  If I can get video uploaded to youtube I will attach a link.

Wisely, this was our ending point, not sure our rafts could have squeezed between those boulders. 
After the river rafting trip we piled back into the van for more driving.  We ended up in Italy, although I don't really know where HERE is.  Suffice it to say it was green, bright, blue and beautiful.

Not sure what this oversized witches broom is, but our guide seemed to think it would be burned.
It was 6:00pm before we made it back to Lake Bled--we were all tired and hungry, but it was really a fun trip.  We booked the trip with Amigo, (read about it here) but if I were to do the trip again I would drive the route myself and join a river rafting group midday (€35/person). You spend a lot of time in the car and at €90/person I think we could have saved our selves a bit of money.